130 Time Management Tips

One of the most important keys to personal and professional success lies in how you spend your time. Each day contains twenty-four hours, but how we spend those hours is what separates people who enjoy lives of happiness, fulfillment and success from those who experience lives filled with frustration, disappointment, and often failure.

When Olympic athletes train, no detail of their performance is overlooked—from computerized motion studies to the fabric of their clothing and the customization of each shoe. Mastering time management is much the same. In order to work smarter but not harder, you must examine—and be willing to make changes to—everything you do to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and performance…
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49 Ways to Improve Your Email Brand

Have you ever considered that every email you send makes an impression on someone? Each impression plays a small, but important role in defining your personal brand.

Just as every product has a brand, so do each of us. We’re all branding ourselves every day, in every way—by how we sound on the phone; by our appearance; by our level of physical fitness; by how we acknowledge people, and through our email communications.

If the people you have corresponded with via email over the last 30 days were surveyed and asked to describe your personal email brand, what would the results show? Now take a minute to think about your goals and consider the person you need to become to achieve your goals…read more

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49 Simple Ways to Make Your Life Better Right Now!

If you want to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life, you must be intentional about doing the little things to make your life better. Seems obvious, right? But how intentional are you about doing that to improve the quality of your life?

Improving your life is about doing the little things along your journey that bring joy, happiness, and fulfillment into your life. Little Things Matter is all about helping you become the person you need to be to achieve your goals and live the life you desire.

In a special contest, members of the Little Things Matter Facebook community were asked to share their #1 little thing that could improve someone’s life today. Over 300 people responded with outstanding ideas, practical suggestions, and life affirmations…read more

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