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Posted by Todd Smith

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The #1 reason for my success as an entrepreneur is that I have consistently strived for excellence at the little things that matter in both my personal and professional life. As I have continued to get better day after day, month after month, and year after year, the compounding effect of this pursuit of excellence has rewarded me beyond what I could have imagined.

Whether you want to be the best mom in the world, the top salesperson in your company, or the most successful CEO, it is critical to understand that the level of success you achieve will be determined by how hard you push yourself to grow and improve DAILY.

The Little Things Add Up

As you begin to focus on the little things that can bring you greater personal and professional success, remember everything adds up. Going the extra mile brings great rewards because so few people are willing to do what it really takes to accomplish their goals. Once you begin to focus on the little things that matter, you will immediately see improvement. But your ultimate success will come as a result of the compounding effect of doing the little things that matter over a period of time.

My Son’s Quest for Success

I remember a conversation I had years ago with my son Gerrid about this subject. At the time, he was 20 years old and was just launching his own internet marketing business. He was excited about owning his first business and anxious to achieve great success.

In this conversation, I explained that the success he saw me enjoy as an entrepreneur did not come easily or quickly. I worked hard day in and day out, not only on building value in my business, but increasing my value as a human being. And over time, my efforts were rewarded.

I wanted him to understand that achieving a high level of success at anything takes time and that the fastest way to go from where he was to where he wanted to go was to consistently focus on striving for excellence.

Gerrid is a good listener, and he took my advice to heart. Since our conversation, his business revenue doubled every year and he eventually made a six-figure income. While he is proud of his accomplishments to date, he understands that he must continue to focus on self-improvement if he wants to enjoy a higher level of success.

Gerrid is a student of personal development. On a recent trip we took together, he was listening to a book about social media in his car and reading a book by Jay Abraham, one of the world’s foremost business experts. The average person, according to Nielsen Ratings, watches five hours of TV a day and lives paycheck to paycheck. I am proud to say that my son spends his time refining his craft. As his dad, I am excited to watch his career and marriage develop.

Accelerating the Process

Think about something that’s truly important to you and specifically a goal you would like to achieve. Today, you are at point A and your goal is to get to point B. The fastest way to go from point A to point B is to be consistent in your daily growth.

To understand the power of consistency, consider this illustration: if you double a penny every day for 31 days, it turns into more than 10 million dollars; if you double it every other day for 31 days, you’ll only have $163.00. Ten million dollars versus $163.00. The difference is the result of DAILY and CONSISTENT action.

This same lesson applies to your personal and professional growth. If you are consistent in growing every day as you strive for excellence, you will achieve your goals in the shortest possible period of time. If you are inconsistent, it’s unlikely that you will ever achieve them.

Enjoy the Journey

While you may be anxious to get to point B, learn to enjoy the journey. It is the journey that brings great joy and fulfillment into your life. While I love the life I have today, I have also enjoyed the journey and the relationships I have built with people who have helped me become the person I am today.

I urge you to make the commitment to push yourself each day to grow and develop as a person. If you want to really accelerate the time it takes to achieve your goals, then start striving for excellence in EVERYTHING you do. Strive to increase your personal performance with a sense of URGENCY! Don’t settle for giving anything less than your very best. Be consistent and don’t allow yourself to go to bed tonight without having worked on a little thing that matters.

You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile.” -Brian Tracy

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Todd Smith is a successful entrepreneur of 43 years and founder of Little Things Matter. This blog contains over 200 of his timeless life lessons.

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