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Posted by Todd Smith

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One of my core beliefs is that you can achieve anything that is important to you if you will focus on the little things that matter. So if getting a new job is important to you, simply look for the little things that will help you land that job.

I must admit that I am turned off when people complain about not having a job but don’t do the things required to get one. I feel the same way when people whine about their current job but don’t take the necessary steps to get a better one.

This is America! And although the economy has presented significant challenges, I am convinced that you can get whatever job you want if you are willing to push yourself outside your comfort zone and do some basic things that other job applicants are unwilling to do.

If you are in the market for a new job, here are my recommendations:

1.  Determine Your Greatest Value—Assuming you want the highest-paying job for your skill set, make a list of your most valuable talents and abilities. Then rank them based on their value to the market. As an example, if you are an administrative assistant, your skills may range from answering the phone to creating business plans.

In this example, your value could range from $15 an hour on the low end of your skill set to $75 an hour on the high end. Your job search should then be focused on maximizing your greatest value, which is in writing business plans.

2.  Identify Potential Positions—Your next step is to consider positions that allow you to capitalize on your talents. Using the same example, identify the types of companies and positions within those companies where your primary responsibility would be writing business plans.

3.  Create a Targeted Resume—Once the type of position is identified, create a custom resume that highlights the specific skill set. Make sure to mention it in the job objective and previous experience section as well as the cover letter.

Make sure your resume presents you in a manner consistent with the wage you are seeking. If you were applying for a $75-an-hour job, then your resume should present you as someone worthy of earning $75 an hour.

4.  Identify Potential Employers—Make a list of the employers who offer the type of position you are seeking. You may have to confine yourself to a specific geographic region, although many employers allow and often encourage you to work from home. You may even want to consider buying a list of companies that meet your criteria from a list broker.

5.  Pick Up the Phone—Here is where we separate the winners from the complainers. This is the biggest takeaway from today’s lesson: If you want to land the ideal job, then you must push yourself outside your comfort zone and call your prospective employers.

The complainers are those who sit at home and look for job postings and allow themselves to compete with 100 other people for the same position. The winners do online research about potential employers and then pick up the phone to make initial contact.

My friends in human resources tell me that VERY few people proactively call them, and if someone takes the time to do so, they are impressed!

When you do the things that impress others, you have the advantage. It’s that simple.

6.  Follow Up—Assuming the company you call is not currently hiring for your position, you should still forward your resume with a cover letter. Then follow up every few weeks. This will ensure that your name and resume will remain at the “top of the pile” when a job opportunity materializes.

You should also send a handwritten thank-you note thanking the person you spoke with for their time and consideration.

Here’s the bottom line: You can get any job that is important to you if you will be creative and do the little things to stand out from the crowd.

The difference between those who succeed in achieving their goals and those who fall short is the diligent accomplishment of the things others aren’t willing to do.

If you’re looking for a new job, do you have the courage to pick up the phone and call prospective employers until such time as you land the job you want? Are you willing to get uncomfortable for a few weeks to get the job that allows you to maximize your gifts and abilities?

If your answer is yes, then I challenge you to do three things. First, read my related posts below. Second, think outside the box. Be creative and make a list of the little things you can do to get the edge. And third, implement the tips I have provided in this lesson.

You can achieve any goal in life that is important to you if you will focus on the little things that matter.

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Todd Smith is a successful entrepreneur of 43 years and founder of Little Things Matter. This blog contains over 200 of his timeless life lessons.

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