Meeting Info (9:00-9:10)

  • Future meeting schedule
  • Turn off cell phones
  • No side conversations
  • Person speaking (look and listen)
  • Think through your thoughts before speaking
  • Breaks

Follow up from last meeting (9:10-9:15)

  • Attendees: Barry, Todd, Josh, Danielle, Gerrid and Jessica
  • Website

o      Home page functionality

o      Video streaming

  • LTM Brand

Review Creative Brief (9:15-9:45)

  • See document

Discuss Todd Brand (9:45-10:15)

o      Words from creative brief

o      Todd dress and background

o      Colors

o      Logo (One line, two lines and three lines)

o      Website

o      Newsletter template

o      Podcast/Album/book cover

o      Next step?

Break (10:15-10:30)

Design Website (10:30-11:15)

o      Home page-Josh (See document)

o      Website design process- Gerrid and Jessica

o      Next step?

Prioritize Marketing Strategy (11:15-:11:45)

  • See “Marketing Brief”
  • Next step?

Timelines (11:45-12:00)

  • 10-31

o      Finalize description of Todd’s brand

o      Round two of website components, size and position

o      Finalize website navigation titles

o      Prioritize marketing strategy

  • 11-7

o      First round of logo designs (Jessica)

o      Finalize website components, size and position (Josh)

o      Finalize service providers for our sharing, comments and download options

o      Finalize functionality

  • 11-14

o      Finalize logo

o      Finalize marketing strategy, phase by phase

o      Present text for our sharing and download options

  • 11-21

o      Finalize the topics of Todd’s first round of lessons

o      First round of website designs

o      Finalize all text on website

  • 11-25

o      Finalize website design

  • 12-1 through 12-15

o      Start preparing lessons

  1. Meet Todd video outline
  2. Why LTM
  3. Jan 4th-8th lessons (We ended up launching on Jan 11th)
  • 12-5

o      Website fully functional, except video

o      First round of identity package items

  1. Newsletter template
  2. Business cards
  3. Album cover
  • 12-12

o      Website fully functional with test video

  • 12-19

o      Website completed and ready to test

  • 12-23

o      Website fully tested and ready for launch

  • 1-4-10 First Daily Podcast (We started Jan 11th, one week later than planned.)

Miscellaneous Discussion (If time allows)

  • Blog
  • Comments
  • Article and report ideas
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